Bronze Pour at the Montoya Sculpture Studio

This was the second bronze pour of the day- just five pieces of about 25 total,
 at the Montoya Sculpture Studio. Leslie Ortiz is working
  at the left, Pat Crowley in the center and Luis Montoya on the right. 

The pour is roughly the middle step in the long process of
producing a bronze sculpture.  
Above - After the pieces cool down, the ceramic shells are broken.  The fragments are then welded together and seams removed using pneumatic tools.
 Finally, textures are added to areas lost during the process. 
Below: The finished work- "Shellboat." Leslie created the patina (colors)
 using various chemicals and a blowtorch. 

Below: Two views of another piece from a recent pour - "Dinner for Two," 
a stunning creation measuring 42" from end to end.  Photos by Scott Wiseman.

Below: The opening...

Sculptor, Luis Montoya and Jo Mett, top and Leslie Ortiz, bottom, pose
 with "Dinner for Two" at their opening at the
 John H. Surovek Gallery on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida.

Below: The scene in the courtyard outside of the Surovek Gallery
Bottom: Leslie and friends in the courtyard.

The John H. Surovek Gallery has an excellent presentation of the Montoya/Ortiz pieces here.

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