Curiously Refreshing Vacations

We continued the Florida Travel series the following summer, this time shooting on location. The theme was "Curiously Refreshing Vacations." I enlisted my daughter, Jillian, who was attending the nearby University of Florida at the time, to model for us. She convinced a friend to play the role of "The Creature." We did some shots of "The Creature" in the water and nearly killed him.  
A shot from the previous series using the same backdrop as the mermaid picture. We hired this model from an agency in Miami and used her again the next year (below) at a bird sanctuary in the Florida Keys. Her uniform was a rental. I made her hat the night before in my hotel room using a handkerchief glued over a piece of cardboard.  Her other daytime job was as a pharmacist. Photo by Scott Wiseman with Ray Graham.

This is an amazing shot. The pelican, a patient at the sancutary, was a real pro! The birds in the background flew to this spot at the same time every day to be fed giving us a brief window of opportunity to make the shot. At one point, the bird took a bite at my head which was just below where the picture is cropped.

Third in the series. Same backdrop.The fourth in the series featured the same model on water skis. Photo by Scott Wiseman.

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