The Sunday Comics- then and now

From my Facebook page:

In 1925, a comic page in the Palm Beach Post was a whopping 16.5  wide by 21 inches deep and carried a single cartoon per page. Today the page is still 21 inches ldeep but just 11 inches wide and carries up to SIX comics per page! I superimposed today's Mutts (one of the best comics out there, imho) on a Little Nemo comic published 87 years ago.
In most cases there is more skill, imagination, humor and wonder in a single panel of Little Nemo than in a whole section of the Sunday Comics.
Somehow the newspaper business has overlooked the popularity of comics and cartooning (something Hollywood seems to have noticed.)
And the cartoonists themselves  are for responsible for the dull, unimaginative, formulaic crap they push on the newspapers and readers.
Any single panel in a Little Nemo comic proves that size doesn't matter.

Note the sound effects of the bagpipes- "peep, pup, pip" and Imp's Irish Flute- "peelee, weelee, peep."

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