Open Studio

A 20 minute sketch executed in charcoal
at the Saturday morning Open Studio session
conducted at the Lighthouse School of Art in 
Tequesta. We're there from 9-noon. 
Join us! 

Invisible Man on First

It's been warmer than usual making it nearly impossible to work in my garage studio (I have several set-ups for painting and drawing inside the Hunt Club.) As the weather cools I hope to finish a series of three large pieces done on dropcloths. This one is called "Invisible Man on First"  and measures aprox. 4' x 6' and will feature trompe l'oeil brushes, tubes of paint and unfinish drawings scattered about.
I'll finish it off with a deep blue frame.
The companion pieces will be entitled "Invisible Man on Second" and "Invisible Man on Third."

Detail of The Skipper

Front view of "The Skipper" from the My Handsome Life series. 
More from the series here.