Cape Fear Unzipped, Part II

         " I have donned my best and will die like a gentleman!"

Style surge
 Let the winds howl! Sam and Peggy scream "fabulous" as they brace themselves for the tempest. "I have donned my best and will die like a gentleman'" Sam announces as the lights flicker and the hand-cranked stereo plays "Nearer My God To Thee." - Caption from article

"What shall I wear to the squall?"
"Throwing caution to the wind," Max looks for a floozy (Stephanie Ceccarelli) to ride out the hurricane with him on his houseboat. Our model poses seductively in a Lake Worth bar.

Reckless Rendezvous
"A houseboat party! Wow, I was afraid I'd have to spend the storm in an icky old shelter!"
"Max's dame Diane sizzles like Sterno as she awaits her feckless fellow's arrival at the local watering hole. Diane's so hot, Dr. William Gray predicts her odds of making landfall in Max's '57 Packard are at least 60 percent."
"Max, I feel so safe in your arms. And your arms are pure Cat 5, by the way, in that Nat Nast shirt." 
"Keep right on talkin, honey..." -  Captions from article

Soused and Doused
Max (Nick Moschella) confronts disastor head-on (and hat-on) - "I'm king of the world" he crows- while Diane cowers in a windbreaker against the storm's blustery and surprisingly powerful back end
-Caption from article

A newspaper clipping reveals a tragic ending for both tough guy and floozy.

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